VPS Hosting: XEN Virtualization Platform for Better Performance

VPS hosting is a very popular, cost effective and high performance hosting solution with most small and medium businesses in the UK. With virtualization technology, virtual servers are created on a single server which deliver performance similar to a dedicated server. The virtualization software and platform used play a crucial role in how well the VPS solutions performs. Therefore, it is important to have an idea about which technology your web hosting company offers to you. The virtualization hypervisor is among the most important aspects of your VPS hosting service. Basically, a hypervisor allows you to run a number of virtual computers off of one host computer. Each of the virtual machines (VM) can run its own operating system and its own set of software or applications.

XEN is one of the most reliable names when it comes to hypervisors. To the techie, it is a bare metal hypervisor meaning it directly runs on the host server’s hardware to manage and direct the guest operating systems and their performance. This attribute also allows for the maximum utilization of server resources since it offers complete isolation for each VM on the server. CPU speed, RAM, disc space and several other resources are all given guaranteed allotments on every individual server. Thus the server resources are neither over sold nor underutilized.

Another distinguishing attribute of Xen is that it uses par virtualization- meaning that the guest OS is already optimized to work in a virtual machine. Since the guest OS is aware of its environment, it increases the performance of the VM. As it is an open source hypervisor with a strong online community support, it offers exceptional customization and control.

The popularity of Xen is attributed to the fact that XEN operated VMs generally run faster and offer better uptime rates due to the intelligent hypervisor technology. Xen VPS machines are also known to be more secure against hack attempts and other attacks.

Other Xen hosting properties consist of consolidation, higher utilization, fast provisioning, software program fault tolerance, and hardware fault tolerance to make it one of the most stable, flexible and reliable virtualization platforms.

If you are looking for a great deal in terms of performance, security and storage, a VPS hosting package offers benefits of a dedicated server with full root access, third party installations, better RAM and processor power. A Xen backed VPS would enhance your experience and make sure that you face minimal problems with your virtual machine. Look for a UK VPS hosting company that offers managed VPS services so that you can be free of the worries of managing your virtual server.