Find The Best Web Technologies of 2017

The world of web technology evolve at a rapid pace. Daily latest projects appear and old techniques are making room for new arrivals. During 2016 the web technology changes tremendously, with the appearance of the proliferation of React.js, maturation of several open-source CMS projects and AngularJS 2.0

Following is the list of most astonishing web technologies based on statistics provided by W3 techs.

WordPress becomes best CMS of the Year:

No doubt in 2016, WordPress continued to make its mark at the top position. When the survey is taken it has been seen that more 60 % of CMS user are using WordPress content management system.


PHP becomes best Server-Side Programming Language of the Year:

However Tiobe and the PYPL are ranking above the PHP in various search engine, StackOverflow question and social media hype but in reality the most server deployed in the last year are running PHP.

Nginx becomes best Web Server of the Year:

Last year, Nginx continue to mark the most popular web server technology, as it did in the past six years. Inclusive, Nginx is now installed on 33% of all Internet servers, dominating the Top 12K website list, with a 60% market share.

Bootstrap Becomes best JavaScript Library of the Year:

Bootstrap has gained the new user in year 2016 by deploying UI framework and great user experience, now it is being used in one in eight websites on the Internet. It is also observed that jQuery ranked second in terms of new users, despite nearing “a saturation point at 72%.”

Ubuntu Becomes best Operating System of the Year:

This statistic took into account the operating system running on a web server and not desktops, where Windows is clearly the top dog. For web servers, Ubuntu continued its dominance.

For the desktop windows flagged up into the market for operating system whereas Ubuntu continued its dominance in the Webserver

Amazon becomes best Web Hosting Provider of the Year:

Amazon’s AWS package gained the highest rating last year. Most of the web server running on the internet uses Amazon web service for their web hosting needs.

Cloudflare Becomes best Reverse Proxy Provider of the Year:

There is one more category called reverse proxy provider, if you are not familiar with this term. Reserve proxy provider allow the web master to hide their own IP by providing them new IP. This type of service is used to protect against DDOS attack and other hacking methods. Cloudfare flagged up in the market of reverse proxy provider last year.