Find The Best Web Hosting Service Provider in UK – Complete Comparison

These days website plays a vital role in your business because it will help you to build your online presence and also help you to gain more business. Have you ever think that what things make a website “a perfect website”? However, there is numerous factor which is responsible for making a perfect website. One of the most important factors is your web hosting provider. Because the performance of website over the web completely depends upon your hosting provider.  

Importance of Best Web Hosting Service Provider

It is very obvious that your web host plays an important role in website’s performance. A website with frequent technical issues and downtime create a bad impact on your business. The impact of this can also be seen on the reputation of your business and you may lose some business opportunities. Now search engine also prefers fast loading website in their search results. The website which loads quickly will be ranked higher in the search result. It is observed that a website which takes more than 7 seconds to loads usually user close that website and move the nest website. Even search engine very much rigid with their search result, they don’t want to lose their reputation and customer faith. So how to find the web hosting service provider.        

Your web hosting provider plays a vital role in your website’s performance. A website with frequent downtime and technical errors can create a negative impact on your business. It can also distort your business image and you can lose many business opportunities. Recently, search engines have also started preferring fast loading websites to rank higher in their search results, as slow websites consume more data and users tend to lose interest very easily. So the big question still remains in your mind, which is how to find the best web hosting service provider?

Best Web Hosting Provider Plans Comparison

To help you find the best web hosting service provider in the UK, We have collected and compared top hosting provider to make your take easier for choosing a reliable web hosting provider that will suit your business requirements.

NameHeart Internet
BlueHost UK
Unlimited data Transferyesyesyesyesyesyes
Lowest Price£6.00/mo£3.00/mo£4.00£3.75/mo£2.49£3.00
FREE Domain Nameyesyesyes2yesyes
Disk Space10GB10GB10GB10GB10GB10GB
24/7 Customer Supportyesyesyesyesyesyes
Unlimited Bandwidthyesnoyesnonono
Linux Shared Hostingyesyesyesyesyesyes
Windows Shared Hostingyesyesyesnoyesyes
Free Domain yesnoyesyesyesyes
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HostGator Web Hosting

Is an affordable web hosting service provider offer the huge range of plans and it is very simple to use. It offers unlimited bandwidth, unlimited emails and disk space on all plans plus a free website builder with each plan. Most of the small enterprises and medium size business use Hostgator as it offers simple control panel. Hostgator is the best at dedicated server hosting and shared server

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DreamHost Web Hosting

Dreamhost is the first choice for the one who is seeking for shared hosting as they have high performance and powerful shared hosting. Dreamhost offers very simple and easy to use control panel allowing the newbie to use amazing service. DreamHost is the first choice for almost every individual preferring shared hosting as its standard hosting plan is robust and competitive. DreamHost is easy for newbies wanting a website that is easy to setup and manages. One can create a beautiful website in no time with all the tools they offer. DreamHost is best at providing Dedicated server and custom hosting solutions.

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123 Reg Web Hosting

123 reg is fast and reliable hosting provider with the UK-based data center. They are renowned in the market for best WordPress hosting, that just not enough they have been receiving great reviews for quality service and uptime guarantee. 123 reg is best for every user including no technical user as well because their support and service team are strong enough to handle every issue so that you can focus on business growth let them handle technical issues.

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1 & 1 Web Hosting

1&1 is one of the most popular hosting providers in the World. They have their data centre located all around the globe. They are flagged in the UK market for offering the best virtual private server. That is just not enough they are renowned in the market for the quality of service with 99.95% uptime guarantee.

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Arvixe Web Hosting

Arviixe web hosting is one of the fastest growing web hosting companies. Their hosting solution is filled up with ample of resources enable you to run your website quickly. If want to host multiple websites but worried about the budget then Arvixe is the best hosting to go with. Arvixe is flagged up into the market for dedicated server hosting.

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BlueHost Web Hosting

BlueHost Web Hosting is the leading provider services provider. They are renowned in the market for quality hardware and 24×7 tech support. They provide an add-on for security and performance of your website. If you are looking for the best VPS hosting provider then BlueHost is the best option to go with.

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We are glad to provide you this comparison with detailed information about each hosting provider in the UK. Here, we want to thank all our resources for providing important information to make this comparison the best solution for users.